TwitchCon blends a premium consumer experience, media hype, and the content our viewers live for into one ridiculously awesome weekend. Our sponsorships align your brand’s message with opportunities that reach Twitch’s in-demand content creators and tastemakers both on and offline.

Here’s all the cool stuff that happens when you sponsor TwitchCon:

  • An unparalleled opportunity to connect directly with in-demand content creators and influencers
  • Alignment with the hottest content, most exciting tournaments, and incredible panels, sessions, and workshops that can only be found at TwitchCon
  • Increased purchase intent and consideration among TC attendees. 70% feel more likely to consider a partner brand. 62% are more likely to purchase from partner brands.
  • Integration with the Twitch community and association as a brand that enables fans to experience the true culture and magic of Twitch.

For more information about our sponsorship opportunities, contact us:

North America: exhibitors@twitchcon.com

Europe: exhibitors@europe.twitchcon.com