What’s happening at TwitchCon

The real question is, what isn’t happening at TwitchCon. Community workshops, Bob Ross painting classes, cosplay madness, commemorative hoodies…well you get it. The list goes on and on into eternity.

Friendship Lounge

What would TwitchCon be without the power of friendship? Build your community, hang out, and celebrate your buddies, new and old, by coloring and puzzling together, and even making your very own matching keychains and bracelets to seal the friendship deal.

Lo-fi Lounge

New Area for 2024! Kick back or hit the dance floor with a silent disco, DJs, immersive sounds from ASMRtists, and more.

PowerUp Lounge & Cosplay

New Area for 2024! Coming to TwitchCon in cosplay or drag? Now you have a place to make outfit repairs, refresh makeup, or learn a new skill in an interactive session.

TwitchCon’s the perfect place to get into cosplay! Show off your fandom, connect with other cosplayers at the Community MeetUp, and be inspired by the Cosplay Showcase spectacle in Glitch Theater.

Twitch Unity Guild Lounge

New Area for 2024! Welcome to the Twitch Unity Guild Lounge! Celebrate diverse communities with conversations, Community MeetUps, lounging, and networking. From LGBTQIA+ to BIPOC to Latinx communities and more, connect with Guild leaders and join a Guild as you enjoy a safe space to learn, share, empower, and grow together.

Artist Alley

Come visit the creator marketplace where painters, sculptors, illustrators, and more showcase and sell their crafts and designs. Meet your favorite artists, buy some fan art, or even commission a custom piece.

Community MeetUps

Community MeetUps are the perfect way to meet new friends, link up with old ones, or find a new community to join. From Horror Games, Minecraft, and Grand Theft Auto V, to Women on Twitch, LGBTQIA+, Latin & Hispanic, BIPOC, to IRL, Cosplay, and many more Community MeetUps, come connect over a variety of interests and identities over the course of the weekend.

Community Sessions

Catch live podcasts, gameshows, presentations, discussions, and more! Designed for the Twitch community by Twitch streamers and a variety of professionals tied to the Twitch community. Keep an eye on the schedule as we announce dozens of sessions across the weekend.

Creator Camp

Level up your stream through informative sessions brought to you by Twitch Staff. Catch tips such as establishing your brand, reaching Partner status, analyzing data, growing your community, working with brands, and more.

Expo Floor

Explore the latest games and tech, connect with devs, watch your favorite streamers broadcast IRL, win bragging rights in the LAN, hang in various lounges, play games, and interact with all sorts of brand activations on the floor.

Glitch Theater

Iconic TwitchCon moments go down in the Glitch Theater. Cheer on spectacles designed by some of your favorite streamers like The Table ft. QTCinderella, Are You Smarter Than a Twitch Streamer ft. Eret, and Name Your Price LIVE! ft. AustinShow & WillNeff. Get hyped for things like Opening Ceremony, Cosplay Showcase hosted by StellaChuu, and Drag Showcase, and much, much more.

Interactive Sessions

Get hands-on and pick up new hobbies in experiences led by streamers and industry professionals. From Just Dance sessions to make-up tutorials, production workshops to improv lessons, make friends, learn something new, discover a passion, become an aficionado, repeat!

Loot Cave

Hoodies, swag, collectible pins, socks that say you went to TwitchCon. Stock up on the classics, snag the latest merch, and freshen up your look at the Loot Cave.

Meet & Greets

Come say hey, grab a pic, and get your merch signed by your favorite streamers! Keep an eye out for Meet & Greet Reservations, which we’ll announce closer to TwitchCon.

Music Sessions

Grab a bite at one of the food stands, play some games, sip on a drink, and bust out those dance moves at the Kappa Cabana Stage, with music featuring DJs, live looping artists, instrumentalists, singer-songwriters, full bands, and more.


Pull up and enjoy a cutthroat round of your favorite game around the table. Create memories with your friends and foes alike with board games, miniatures, trading card games, and roleplay games.

Twitch Rivals Arena

Watch your favorite streamers join forces and duke it out across an array of games in three full days of competitive live shows! And you heard it right: The Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge is back and fiercer than ever.
It’s not TwitchCon unless you’re there. Get your tickets.