Twitch Rivals, where streamers

become champions.

Twitch Rivals is bringing your favorite Creators together for three full days of competitive action. Buy TwitchCon tickets to come watch the competitors in person. Or if you would rather stay at home in your pajamas, no problem - you'll still be able to watch everything live on /TwitchRivals. More details coming soon!

All the action takes place in Twitch Rivals Arena, presented by Verizon.


Balloon World Cup Regional Championships, presented by Prime Gaming

On Friday, we're bringing you something extra special - it's the Balloon World Cup Regional Championships! Come watch competitors face-off inside an enclosed arena full of obstacles to try and keep a single balloon suspended in the air. Which players have the skill and endurance to win a spot in the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain - come find out!


Minecraft MOBA

Pikaclicks and his team of Minecraft block-builders have partnered with Twitch Rivals to assemble something really wild - a Minecraft MOBA! Grab your diamond pickaxe and join us on Saturday morning to watch teams battle it out across the blocks in this completely custom game mode and environment.


Apex Legends Mode Mash-up

On Saturday afternoon, Creators from across the Frontier are going to be teaming up to battle for glory, fame, and fortune. Join us as 20 Trios hot-drop into a medley of different game modes to flex their skills, survive the elements, and determine who will be left standing as the final Champions.

Zero Build Finale, ft. Fortnite

On Sunday morning, the Road to TwitchCon will culminate in an epic finale! The winning Trios teams from all four previous tournaments will drop into an arena together and battle for Victory Royale in Fortnite's Zero Build mode. Which team will be the last one standing? You don't want to miss this!


Twitch Rivals Ultimate Challenge Gauntlet

Ultimate Challenge is going turbo and throwing 16 duos teams into a gauntlet of IRL challenge games that will put them to the ultimate test. We've got some big surprises coming for this one!


Official Partners of Twitch Rivals at TwitchCon

San Diego

Captiol One
Pizza Hut
State Farm