TwitchCon is baaaaack!
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Meeting, greeting, geeking out, gaming on, get ready for The Ultimate Squad Up right here in San Diego.
Artist Alley ↗
lllustrators, animators, photographers, and miniature painters alike: make your mark at TwitchCon with your very own Artist Alley Booth. See application guidelines here!
Submissions CLOSED: June 5, 2022
Artist Alley Digital Gallery ↗
Can’t make it to TwitchCon but still want to display your work? Submit your illustrations, paintings, and more if you’d like to show off your skill in the Artist Alley Digital Gallery, and we'll work our magic.
Submissions CLOSED: June 5, 2022
Community Panels ↗
Want to help shape the rich lineup of content at TwitchCon? Now's your chance, with panels designed to be run by the community, for the community!
Submissions CLOSED: June 5, 2022
Cosplay Contest ↗
Crack out the worbla and fire up those sewing machines: the Cosplay Contest is back! What’re you waiting for? Check out the official rules and guidelines now.
Deadline: July 31, 2022
Drag Showcase ↗
The Drag Showcase is officially hitting the TwitchCon stage in San Diego! If you’re ready to flaunt your talent and bring the heat with your Drag Performance, you've come to the right place.
Deadline: July 31, 2022
Interactive Sessions ↗
Create together and learn together! We’re looking for workshops, classes, and immersive IRL experiences featuring art, cooking, improv, exercise, makeup and more.
Submissions CLOSED: June 5, 2022
Musical Performances ↗
Ready to fill TwitchCon’s heart and soul with those sweet, sweet tunes? If you’re musically minded, submit an application for an opportunity on the stage and in the spotlight!
Submissions CLOSED: June 5, 2022