September 23

Streamer Program for Partners & Affiliates

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Streamer Program

This year, we’re excited to expand on our Streamer Program to help facilitate better relationships among Partners, Affiliates, and companies exhibiting at TwitchCon. 

Noted by a “Streamer Icon” at select booths of participating Exhibitors throughout the Expo Hall, this icon will indicate that an exhibitor has created a special program for Partners and Affiliates; think game codes, product marketing, and more. All you have to do is talk to the exhibitor’s staff to get information about their specific program. 

Here’s a list of participating exhibitors and brief descriptions of their programs. Be sure to check them in the Expo!

The goal behind the Alienware Nexus program is to promote streamers we feel represent a positive, entertaining, and welcoming atmosphere. We work closely with streamers to seed them with the latest and greatest Alienware and Dell products. We also take their feedback and review information back to the engineering team to help create better products for the future. Alienware also provides hardware for prizes and giveaways that streamers can use for their streams.

Blast is a savings app for gamers, and we are building a referral program where if you invite a friend and they sign up, you get money.

We’re working on a Funcom Content Creator Partner program for all content creators and have codes to offer for some of our games. We would also like to chat with streamers about needs and how we can support them in growing their channels. 

Gimbl empowers Twitch streamers to do all these things, and more. Our platform allows viewers to set challenges for Twitch streamers, and these challenges are tied to rewards. When Twitch streamers successfully complete a challenge, they get the rewards! provides Twitch streamers with a number of benefits to help them grow as content creators and to monetize their content. All they need to do is register a streamer account, and link their Twitch account.  For starters, Streamers can start monetizing their Twitch stream before they become part of the Twitch Affiliate program. Visit now to find out more or come meet us at our TwitchCon stand by the Streamer Workshop!

Free mental health workbook designed for broadcasters. This workbook will help streamers address the mental and emotional stress that can come with live streaming on Twitch in a more healthy way. A better more equipped streamer who is grounded in truth will make a more positive influence on their community and make the overall platform a better place. 

Horizon Blockchain Games
Streamers will get early access to our game, SkyWeaver, by playing the Private Beta. We want to target spontaneous and fan-driven content, fostering smaller creators into growing and establishing their own foothold on Twitch. They will have direct contact with our Community Manager (who will be at our booth to greet them). And these streamers will benefit from assets and other features as they become available, including items with monetary value as we transition from Private to Open Beta. Streamers will get support as we actively promote any creators that make content about our game on our social channels, and ensure they have all they need to stream SkyWeaver.

Inked Gaming
Inked Gaming has a Standard and Sponsored Affiliate Program available. The higher levels you represent Inked, the higher commission payouts become available. You are provided with a unique coupon code as well as unique links to represent Inked Gaming your way and with your style. Our affiliate program allows streamers to on board with us, and represent us with your style and branding. No pushy tactics, and Inked representatives are always there to help you pitch us intelligently and seamlessly. Twitch Partners and streamers with high production quality and potential also have the opportunity for an increase in their commission rate and higher levels of support with products and giveaways.

Visit J!NX to see our latest collection, along with collab merch from Shroud and Anne Munition. While you’re here, pick up a pair of complementary joggers! Free pants ($55 value): primary method of keeping lower extremities comfortable.

CrowdQuest is all about funding streamers by empowering viewers through a system of quests. This year at TwitchCon, we are revealing our QuestRewards program which allows streamers to unlock rewards by completing quests and referring their audience to participate. Affiliates and Partners who sign up for our service will automatically be upgraded to a gold-level quester where they will receive reduced fees on quests and a personalized referral code.

JLab Audio
Want to help grow the JLab Audio brand in your region or online community? Do you love gaming, audio, or technology? Do you have a passion for quality products and unique brands? Does testing new products and providing feedback/input sound fun? If so, being a JLab Audio ambassador is perfect for you! The potential to become an ambassador or affiliate for JLab Audio.  

JuJu Performance Labs
JuJu is seeking long-term, mutually-beneficial relationships with small to large streamers. We are looking for active Twitch Affiliates and Partners who authentically introduce their audience to JuJu’s Gaming Formula and talk about why they like JuJu and the benefits and experience it provides. In return, JuJu provides a streamers with sample product, a 10% discount code and a link. We supply product for personal consumption and giveaways. Streamer partners also have early access to new products and flavors. We pay a 10% commission on sales generated by streamers and streamers have a dashboard where they can review their sales and commissions. We cross promote the streamers we work with on our social channels, and we sponsor giveaways to create goodwill and channel growth for the streamers we work with.

Hi, we’re Lightstream! We build live streaming creative tools and are passionate about supporting the growth of creators and their communities. Our mission is to leverage our cloud-based technology to turn difficult technical hurdles into streamlined workflows—empowering you to effortlessly share your passion, talent, and creativity. We’re offering a special opportunity to unlock more granular tracking of your channel stats using our live streaming analytics tool All streamers who claim their free account at the booth will unlock more detailed tracking and display of your channel’s statistics.

We’d like to offer every streamer the ability to stream from outside—meaning they can stream high-quality live content without worrying about connectivity with LiveU Solo, the plug-and-play encoder of choice for IRL streamers. We’d like to offer all Twitch attendees the Amazon discount code for 19% off the purchase of LiveU Solo (which is a $189 value). LiveU Solo is for creators—IRL streamers, gamers, hosts of live shows, etc. The technology lets them worry about their content and not the technology. As part of our collaboration with Amazon, Amazon affiliates can list the LiveU Solo on their kit lists and promote the discount code as well, giving them the ability to not only share the discount with their viewers, but to also receive a kick back from Amazon on any units sold in conjunction with TwitchCon. Come by our booth, spin the wheel and take the #SuperSoloChallenge to win cool prizes and a chance to win free LRT for life.

Lume Cube
Streamers will be able to test the Lume Cube AIR VC first hand. They have the ability to talk about the benefits of being well-lit while live streaming. They will be able to promote a 20% discount to their community as well as earning a 10% commission on all sales. They will also have early-access to any of the new Lume Cube products that are released that align to their audience’s interests. The ambassador team works closely with our  ambassadors to create a long-standing partnership that focuses on unique and authentic content. They are available to discuss creative needs, content deliverables, updates, cross-promotion, and additional product opportunities. Streamers will get to try out the product first hand. They will also be able to promote a 20% off discount code to their viewers along with a 10% commission opportunity on all sales that they push our way.

Military & Veteran Gamers
Our program is an established non-profit charity that sends care-packages overseas to and provides the largest gathering of military and veteran service members that game under one roof. We provide an exclusive stream team for veterans and active service members. We help promote and achieve goals such as Affiliate as well as mentorship on streaming.

Nimble Giant Entertainment
Quantum League - beta code for streaming the game! This is the first chance streamers will be given codes to stream the game live ahead of early access release in early 2020. Streamers that engage with us will also get the chance to sign up to give codes away through their channels at launch. is a giveaway platform for streamers for community engagement. Our gaming focused platform provides all the necessary tools to host and launch a giveaway with any community. integrates with most major streaming and social platforms including Twitch and more. Our unique donation entry methods for streamers allows your audience to donate directly for entries in your hosted giveaway. We will be providing exclusive codes to TwitchCon streamer and affiliate attendees for free three-month access to our Pro service tier ($150 USD value) to run a giveaway!

Real Ketones
We have multiple options for those who wish to be partnered/affiliated/sponsored by Real Ketones. The majority of our affiliates are sent the product along with a discount code for their followers if they like their results. We also provide them with a shop link that awards them varying amounts of commission based on their sales and traffic volume. Our program allows streamers to not only benefit from the actual product itself by allowing them to stream with products that provide healthy, sustained energy, but also allows them to benefit monetarily by using their referral link.

Red Nose Day
Red Nose Day is a campaign to end child poverty—and together, in just five years, we’ve impacted the lives of more than 16 million children in America and around the world. At TwitchCon, we’re offering all streamers on Twitch to join in and make an impact. And you’re in good company – Jacksepticeye, Critical Role, Pokimane, and other top Twitch streamers have already joined hundreds of celebrities like Jack Black, Stephen Colbert, and more to raise money to end child poverty with Red Nose Day. Every Twitch streamer who commits to stream for Red Nose Day can count on being featured on Red Nose Day’s social channels. We hope you’ll join us in our mission to end child poverty, one nose at a time!

RedBull is looking to support streamers by seeding them product and bringing them into the world of Red Bull.

Since the launch of Respawn, gaming creators have reached out asking about how they can represent the mental performance drink for gamers, by gamers. The #RESPAWNaffiliate program will give the content creator community their chance to be a part of the game changing new era of RESPAWN. Approved affiliates will receive a RESPAWN Shaker (color of choice), a box of each flavor, and an invitation to join RESPAWN’s commission program through Regularly scheduled contests will allow RESPAWN Affiliates to earn additional prizes for both themselves and their communities.

With Sansar, streamers can create an immersive virtual world for their fans and subscribers—one they can use to interact more closely with fans across the globe through interactive meet-and-greets, Q&As, and more, or simply reserve as a perk just for subscribers. They can monetize these worlds by selling tickets to events they host, custom virtual or real-live merchandise, and  VIP or early access to marquee events and talent. After TwitchCon, they’ll continue to receive regular in-world support, ranging from community meet-ups in their experiences to a Featured placement in Sansar’s in-game Atlas as well as extensive promotional support across Sansar’s social channels: Twitter, Twitch, Steam, Discord, Instagram. They’ll also have access to a dedicated Discord channel for content creators, where they can ask questions directly of our community team, share ideas, coordinate squad streams, and organize events like tournament, raids, expeditions, etc. But perhaps best of all, they’ll get early access to Sansar’s marquee events and partner collaborations, and can rely on Sansar as an ongoing revenue stream, earning money from items they list in the store and tips they receive at events.

The Seagate Gaming Streamer program provides streamers with a way to promote Seagate product organically within their content and community. This benefits streamers in a way that helps them grow their channel or improve engagement with their viewers. There will be a program to offer promo codes or game code to their community to increase traffic of channel as well as a special promo code exclusive to attendees at TwitchCon and early access new product, social media support, and in-game custom icons.

Softgiving is a fundraising platform that allows everyone to create fundraising campaigns to share with their friends, family, and followers. Softgiving provides all streamers, regardless of size, with sponsorship opportunities that allow them to raise donations for any cause they care about while promoting our platform. The Softgiving team provides streamers with tools that fit naturally into their streams and make it easy for their viewers to donate. With a growing list of over 70,000 nonprofits to support, streamers can engage with their communities in an exciting and meaningful way. From personalized incentives to customized overlays and alerts, giving back has never been more fun! Softgiving’s hope is that these sponsorships grow into long-term relationships that benefit both the nonprofit and the streamer. 

Stream Captain
Affiliates and Partners at TwitchCon will get early Closed Beta access to our interactive viewer game, Stream Raiders, along with bonus merch giveaways (limited edition in-game skins and merch) at our booth. 

Unlock a new dimension of you with Synapse, the only sparkling caffeine-free mental performance supplement fueled by natural ingredients. Synapse actively partners with Twitch Affiliates and Partners through its Sponsorship Program. Synapse wants to build mutually-beneficial long-term relationships with active streamers who can enjoy Synapse and can authentically introduce Synapse and its benefits to their audience. Synapse provides streamers with sample product, a discount code and link. We also support streamers by supplying product for giveaways and promote their channels and content on our social media channels. We follow the streamers we support and regularly watch their channels — whether they are promoting our product or not. We also pay a 10% commission on sales generated by streamers. Join us now as we launch our program to enjoy a special 15% introductory commission.

Techni Sport
Techni Sport Influencer Program includes product benefits and monetary compensations.

Twickle helps you grow, engage, and monetize your audience. We’ll be offering exclusive access to Twickle’s beta to TwitchCon attendees. Streamers who sign up for our program will get early access to Twickle, free swag, shout outs on social media, preference in becoming a Twickle Partner, and the chance to influence our product. We strive to have long-standing, close relationships with our streamers. We promote them on our own social media, stop by to chat, follow, and subscribe to their channel, introduce like-minded Twickle streamers to each other, and always ask for their feedback on how to improve their experience with Twickle. Twickle streamers are not just ambassadors in the Twickle Revolution, but rather they are the guiding force that will shape the future of this platform. We’re looking to collaborate to help you become a successful, sustainable content creator.

Webaround Gaming
As a Webaround Gaming Partner, we provide a compensated Webaround green screen, custom discount code, social media support, apparel, and opportunities to do events with us. In exchange we ask individuals to use the product and talk about the Webaround when asked or in discussions about their streaming gear. Every sale with the code also gives back to the streamer with bonuses and exclusive partner events available. Our end goal is to assist content creators in making awesome content. We structured our program in a way that provides them the unit and social support, while also giving major opportunities to join us at shows and to rep the company outside of streams with custom apparel. We aim to create a family atmosphere for every streamer in our program and our track record of individuals who have re-signed and have worked with us speaks for itself. The program is open to all individuals, Affiliate or Partner. We ask that the individuals who are interested be streaming consistently with an eye for creating unique content, especially with a green screen.

Think of a messaging app. Now, imagine all messages have health. Don’t like a message which someone sent? Then just use a rocket to blow it out of the screen! Whammychat combines gaming and chatting to provide a fun discussion tool for streaming. Due to the chat having gaming elements, the discussion is self-moderated. At the end of the discussion, the streamer will get analytics, which would help them with sponsors and also be able to identify the viewers who are the most active in their community. The Whammychat team will be at TwitchCon to sign-up streamers for exclusive features. 

Wizards of the Coast
Magic: The Gathering Arena supports content creators across platform and regardless of viewership size. Every week we feature five separate content creators on our website and social media. We also set up accounts with all sorts of in-game swag and support, as well as booster pack codes to giveaway to their viewers. Every set release we organize an Early Access Event for approved streamers, press, and WotC staff to play and stream the newest set before anyone else.

Wormhole Labs
Wormhole is excited to debut their brand and technology at TwitchCon! Experience wormholing, a new social interaction for gamers in which “the World is the Game,” enabling users to wormhole from here to there anywhere in the real world. Visit the booth and become a wormholer with the developers and creators behind this powerful emerging platform!

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