The TwitchCon Charity Plaza presented by Tiltify is returning for the fourth year in a row, and like the rest of the show, we’re doing it bigger and better than ever. Last year, you helped us raise over $117,000 at TwitchCon. This year, we’re aiming to beat that. Together.

Before we jump into the details you need to know, go ahead and get familiar with the 10 amazing charities we’re partnering with this year at the TwitchCon Charity Plaza:

  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  • Call of Duty Endowment (CODE)
  • Direct Relief
  • Doctors without Borders
  • Extra Life
  • Make-A-Wish
  • Save the Children
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • The AbleGamers Charity
  • To Write Love On Her Arms (TWLOHA)

Charity Logos

We’re also teaming up with a few other awesome charities including Child’s Play, PLAYER vs. HUNGER, and Stack Up. While these orgs aren’t part of the official TwitchCon Charity Decathlon, they’re still a huge part of Charity Plaza, and you should check them out on the show floor!

What precisely is the TwitchCon Charity Plaza?

The TwitchCon Charity Plaza is a physical area of TwitchCon dedicated to celebrating all things charity on Twitch. Stop by to learn about our partnered charities, see how you can help raise funds, and chat with streamers who are already supporting them.

It’s also home to the TwitchCon Charity Stage, which will host the return of the highly anticipated TwitchCon Charity Decathlon. With over 150+ Twitch streamers getting involved, these broadcasters and personalities will represent each of the 10 participating organizations in a series of gaming competitions, creatively inspired challenges, and musical beat-downs on their way towards being crowned the TwitchCon Charity Decathlon Champions of 2018!

The Decathlon sounds awesome! Tell me more!

All throughout TwitchCon, your favorite Twitch streamers will be taking to the Charity Stage in a series of competitions that will test their wit, cunningness, and desire to represent their respective charities well. From Pictionary Battles to Lip-Sync Showdowns, Ramen Cook-offs to becoming the Jack of All Trades, these streamers will not only be fighting for their charities, but for your entertainment all weekend long!

Sounds cool! How can I help?

There are three different ways for you to get involved.  

Games Done Quick

GDQ Express

In addition to Twitch community favorites like Awesome Games Done Quick and Summer Games Done Quick, GDQ is premiering and hosting a third speedrunning event at TwitchCon 2018: GDQ Express! Watch and donate to charity during this three-day long event LIVE from TwitchCon, and spread the word on social with #GDQx

TwitchCon Charity Stage

Charity StageFor anyone staying home for TwitchCon, we want you to get involved. During the entirety of TwitchCon, audience members and viewers from home can make their donations to the TwitchCon Charity fundraising pool as well, which enables them to get involved directly with some of our on-stage events. Want to give your favorite broadcaster an edge in their competition? Or perhaps see your favorite broadcaster play games blindfolded for charity? This is your time to shine.



You may have already helped us raise money for charity! In August, streamers held a non-stop, 10-day marathon featuring over 75 Twitch creators. When it ended, they graciously contributed all of the funds raised during Q4TC to the TwitchCon Charity Prize Pool! Their event featured internet personalities, variety gamers, speedrunners, creative artists, and even musicians as they looked to entertain you in benefit of the 10 amazing causes this year. With over $58,0000 already raised, these funds will be starting the TwitchCon Charity Plaza fundraising pool! You can go check out the marathon VODS here.

2018 is going to be an unstoppable year for the TwitchCon Charity Plaza, and we hope you can join us in person at the event!