ThatBronzeGirl has made a name for herself in creating some of the most engaging and explorative comic and role-playing game (RPG) content on Twitch. Jumping into Twitch purely out of a desire to engage with other enthusiasts, she launched her first streams without any alerts or graphics, and without the intent of becoming a full-time streamer.

“People tell you ‘don’t say this’ or ‘make sure to do that’ to make it on Twitch, but there isn’t a right or wrong way. There isn’t only one way to project yourself on this platform - it’s just about being you.”

She launched a comic book review show in 2015, one of the first to appear on Twitch. Positive  response wasn’t only from comic enthusiasts, but also attracted viewers who wanted learn more. The passion she saw from the viewers tuning in encouraged her to continue creating alternative content in addition to her gaming streams.

“We DO all have something in common, and that’s what makes Twitch an awesome place. It reminds us that we can relate to others. You might not pull in as many viewers as popular video games, but the people who DO show up are genuinely excited to watch that content.”

Her shows caught the attention of HypeRPG, who brought her on to write and star in comic-related content on their channel as well. Eventually, that led into HyperRPG leaning more into her creative and quick-witted personality as a Dungeon Master and guest in their Tabletop RPG content. It was there that she said her own channel started to grow more rapidly, as viewers started tuning in to learn more about what she was like out of character.

“The concept of being hired to do a show in a professional studio was incredible. Before, it was a passion project and suddenly there was a rush to prove that I belong in this space. I was hungry for it. I got the opportunity and I wanted to prove that I was worthy of it.”

At that time, ThatBronzeGirl was balancing a full-time job, creating content for HyperRPG, and streaming content to her own channel, and but still wasn’t pursuing Partnership. She says there were times that she nodded off on stream due to the exhaustive schedule, but that she continued to look forward to streaming every day after work. She applied for Partnership to get transcodes options, but never expected it to become a solid source of revenue.

“I didn’t expect to get as much support as I did, and I had conservatively underestimated. I started to feel the pressure of providing quality content to people who were financially supporting me, while will working a full time job.”

Eventually, she reached a tipping point. After cutting down to part-time at her day job to dedicate more time to streaming, working on three shows each week for HyperRPG and creating content for her own channel she decided it was time to go full time.

“I didn’t have a good answer why I wasn’t full time, and it came down to that I was afraid to believe in myself. But, I was on to something with Twitch, and I needed to keep the momentum.”

Her community celebrated her decision to focus on streaming full-time, with viewership almost immediately doubling, and steadily kept growing. She’s dedicated more time into collaborating with other channels, now also GMing shows on Roll20 weekly, appearing as a regular on RollPlay, and still producing her own comic book show and book club, Books & Bourbon. Regardless of where, or what she’s appearing in, she says her biggest drive is to bring people together.

“When people are watching you so much, they become a part of something. With what’s happening in the world at large, we’ve stopped relating to people who don’t always share our point of view, but I want to remind people that there’s always some kind of commonality between people who are different.”

There’s a discussion she’s had multiple times in her career on Twitch, based around the idea that her involvement or experiences in the comic and tabletop spaces are unique from other creators.  More than anything, she wants to ensure that the focus stays on welcoming everyone to these spaces.

“It’s a strange thing to push a narrative that women in comics or tabletop games are rare or a unique thing to be celebrated. It’s there, we’re here, and we just need to make sure it’s represented accordingly. I don’t want to be the token in the corner. I want to be the change I want to see. Whether that’s in my own channel, or the casts that I’m on with other channels, I want to be able to impact shows to make them a reflection of how colorful and rich the world around me is, too.”

ThatBronzeGirl will be at TwitchCon 2018, talking all things comics, tabletop RPGs, video games, and building community. Get your tickets today and meet her in San Jose!