Our challenge: find a group streamers who, together, embody what Twitch is all about, from gaming to cosplay to music to IRL streams and more. After months of searching, we’ve selected 15 Partners who #BleedPurple through and through to tell their stories leading up to, and at, TwitchCon. Today, we’re excited to start sharing them with you.

One Partner used tuition money to build a streaming rig and still aced the semester. Another lost their job and used the opportunity to pursue their true passion on Twitch. Their stories are diverse, and their approaches to streaming great content and building communities empower both growing and established creators.

We’re posting one new story every week leading up to TwitchCon on October 26, so stay tuned to /ambassadors/ and our Twitter, starting today.

Without further delay, your first-ever TwitchCon Ambassadors are:

Check out their stories, give them a follow, and grab your own TwitchCon tickets so you can meet them at the show!


Can I be a TwitchCon Ambassador?

Sorry, not this year! But going forward, every year for TwitchCon, we’ll choose an entirely new group of Ambassadors who represent all facets of content and creators on Twitch. The idea is that no streamer will ever be an Ambassador twice, with a focus on telling new and unique stories to inspire Twitch users.

How did you choose the 2018 TwitchCon Ambassadors?

We looked at Partners who are leaders across various aspects of Twitch, from being role models for their communities, to establishing new kinds of content on Twitch, to having inspirational stories to empower upcoming creators. Specifically, we wanted shine a light on Partners’ stories that haven’t been widely told yet. These Partners embody the #BleedPurple spirit and will be ready to share all their knowledge and experience leading up to, and at, TwitchCon in San Jose, CA.

What about (name your favorite creator)? Will they be there?

Check out the “Who’s Coming” page on the official TwitchCon website. Once a Partner purchases a ticket, you’ll be able to search their name from there.