After entering the workforce directly after graduating high school and working for many years, Sequisha was laid off. Though obviously unfortunate, there was a silver lining: the extra time gave him the opportunity to rethink his career path. He made a choice to pursue game design, an option he hadn’t had in his earlier years.

“Video games have always been a huge part of my life, from Atari to where we are now. It got to the point where everyone I knew in my work life didn’t seem that happy; I had nothing to lose and wanted to go after something I was passionate about.”

While going to school for Simulation and working on 3D artwork in 2013, he found himself watching Twitch and particularly drawn to the Creative section.

“I was into watching various things on Twitch, but I wanted to start streaming so that people could critique my art, and help me get better. I wanted to use chat’s backseating to my advantage.”

Around the same time, he began supplementing his school work by working with the ARMA II Mod EPOCH as 3D artist. As the mod became popular with streamers, he found more people stopping by to get sneak peeks about what they could expect to see in upcoming patches. It was a natural transition into streaming gameplay, when he’d go from designing the mod to playing it with other streamers upon launch, and it didn’t take long for viewers to recognize that his skills playing matched those of his art.

He expanded his gaming streams to include RUST, and it’s there that he and his community created the “Geshden Republic”, and a slew of Geshdan personalities to avoid being recognized on heavily populated servers. With input from his viewers, it’s turned into a regularly appearing feature, with its own flag and wikipedia page.

“I try to really read into what people are trying to say in chat; people like to be heard and acknowledged. Doing that and really listening to what they have to say brightens up my day and builds our community.”

During this time, Sequisha was still in school full time and streaming full time, as well as taking on freelance 3D artwork, effectively burning the candle at both ends. On top of all that, he coordinated his first charity stream for Extra Life, raising more than $2,000. Achieving Partnership prior to graduating helped concrete his decision to go-full time as soon as he finished his studies.

“Streaming is something that just fits; it feels right. Going into it full-time was a natural choice.”

In 2016, he attended his first gaming convention: TwitchCon.  He describes the experience as “eye-opening”, enabling him to connect with members of his community as well as fellow streamers, who encouraged him to start branching out to stream games other than RUST.

“Everyone at TwitchCon understands and loves video games. You can jump right into a conversation with anyone you meet.”

There will be plenty of conversations about gaming, creative, and much more at TwitchCon 2018. Grab your tickets and meet Sequisha in San Jose.