Though they’re best known for their IRL streams on Twitch, EXBC (comprised of husband and wife Esco and Heosu) was partnered in 2014, long before IRL even launched. In that time, they’ve streamed everything from historical tours, to daily living, to being the first to snorkel with dolphins live. They’re always pushing the boundaries, testing hardware limits and seeing what kind of streaming can be done outside of the conventional PC setup.

But it’s not just experimentation and hardware setups that they’ve worked to expand, they’ve also made efforts to expand their community to include viewers all over the globe.

“After getting married eight years ago, we wanted to share how fun our real lives were. We started streaming in English so we could share our experiences with people around the world.”

Despite being fluent in Korean, Esco and Heosu learned to speak English through friends, colleagues, and rap songs, so they could begin sharing their adventures with viewers all around the world. They were one of the first channels to really embrace streaming PokemonGO during its launch in 2016. It was sharing their experiences outdoors that helped launch the trend that would eventually become known as IRL.

Their streams also offer viewers the opportunity to experience sights and places many wouldn’t have the ability to otherwise. Based in South Korea, Esco and Heosu are able to share their culture and the cultures of other countries in Asia, and expand upon those adventures to engage their community.

“South Korea is dynamic, with so many fun festivals in the city, but also the opportunity to do caveman survival challenges on islands with fishing and clam hunting, and tons of countryside and wildlife to showcase.”

Watch any of their streams, and it’s clear that sharing their lives isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. From dancing in public when someone subscribes to the way that they focus on interacting with their chat throughout their various adventures, Esco and Heosu’s streams are a highlight for many.

“We think of our viewers as real family and friends. We really love our chat, they’re one of the best on Twitch.”

You can meet EXBC at (and find them streaming live from) TwitchCon this year in San Jose. Get your tickets today!