It’s common to think of a “variety streamer” as someone who streams many genres of video games on Twitch, but Djarii takes it the term to an entirely new level. Aside from streaming games from World of Warcraft to Resident Evil, she’s also an accomplished Creative streamer whose body paintings have been featured by Blizzard, and she’s a growing Poker star. She credits streaming anything and everything she loves as one of the reasons her channel is successful.

“The passion for the things I stream is genuine. I’m not an alternate version of myself; I am what you see on stream.”

While attending college in 2013, Djarii was balancing her love of video games and her love of art when she discovered Twitch along with friend (and now fellow streamer) Hamoth. At the time, they were making occasional short videos on YouTube, when the idea of making content that would allow them to instantly connect to other people drew them in.

“Even before I was streaming on Twitch, I was still gaming. I’d attend college in the day time, then I’d start playing video games. Gaming in something that’s always been there for me when I needed. It’s a huge part of my life. When we started streaming, it was never anything I thought about doing for a living. It was just for fun.”

In the beginning, her content focus was purely on gaming. However, once the Creative category launched in 2015, she started bringing her love of art into her streams.

“When creative opened, there was a way to overlap my passions for gaming, art, and makeup. We all grow together, as Twitch grows.”

From coming up with ideas, to planning her next Creative sessions, to designing props for her cosplays and body paints, her community has been an integral part in growing and learning new skills. In 2017, she was a finalist for the NYX Face Awards in creative makeup and in 2017 was promoted on the Blizzard Launcher for her body painting of Sylvanas.

“You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. It’s easy to think I’m shallow because I enjoy makeup and I care about how I look, but I also enjoy gaming and having a joke with friends. That’s what it’s all about.”

Though she was Partnered earlier in her streaming career, she continued working at a game store, balancing 8-to-2 shifts, and then streaming from 3pm until midnight every day. It wasn’t until 2016 after joining Method.GG as a streamer that she went full-time after some encouragement from her boyfriend.  

“People think when you’re a female, things just get handed to you. But it’s really not true. There are LOTS of streamers on Twitch. It takes hard work, and still not everyone will get there.”

It hasn’t just been the growth of Twitch and the creative category Djarii’s experienced she’s also been able to see TwitchCon grow, having attended in 2015 and 2017. As a small streamer of the first event, she described the experience as overwhelming and amazing, largely because of the of the number of people she was able to meet from her community for the first time.

“TwitchCon is something that’s grown along with me. From being a small streamer who didn’t know anyone, to being involved in panels and meet and greets - it’s been surreal.”

You can meet Djarii and learn more about streaming Creative on Twitch this year in TwitchCon 2018. Get your tickets today and meet her in San Jose!