Coming from a long history of working as a professional in the gaming industry, with roles as a web designer, an Interface Designer  on Madden, a game design professor, and an editor at the website he founded,, DeejayKnight brings a unique arsenal of experience to all of his broadcasts.

“The thing that I feel like people enjoy most about my broadcast is that I have a pretty vast knowledge of gaming from many different aspects. Both professionally and even further back; I’ve been gaming as far as I can remember, in all the genres we know and love. I come with a different perspective. The goal is fun and positivity, but if I can sneak in some kind of education in the process, that’s a bonus. If there’s a joke to be made in the process, I’m gonna do that, too.”

He started streaming in 2013 on the launch of the PS4, and he says most of his first viewers were his friends who were excited to see new games they didn’t have, like Warframe, Blacklight: Retribution and Killzone: Shadow Fall.

“It was an amazing experience, because even in my first attempt, I felt like I was comfortable streaming. I was hanging out with my friends. They even got me to drive back up to GameStop to get a camera so they could see how I was responding, too.”

Though hanging out with his friends playing games made streaming easier for him, his original goal when he started streaming was to research game mechanics so he could provide references and examples to his students, and expand his feedback for how they could develop their own ideas based popular concepts.

At first, DeejayKnight was streaming infrequently, but he decided to make an effort to stream more regularly in March 2015 after encouragement from a good friend. Returning to console streaming, he kicked off with the Xbox One Neverwinter launch. He was granted early access to stream by a community manager, which allowed him to stream six hours before the worldwide release.

“I went from an average 20 followers to hundreds in a single night. I thought, ‘Wait, what is happening?’ The idea that I had an actual platform to positively impact others finally kicked in after the next night when someone in chat told me, ‘I came in yesterday after a pretty rough day, and seeing you stream made my day so much better.’”

Still streaming using consoles, he created a solid schedule within the next month around his full-time job schedule, empowered by the series of amazing games releasing back to back. Upon the Elder Scrolls Online Closed Beta releasing on PS4, the game’s head designer popped into the chat and he hit his all-time high of 800 viewers. After that, he was accepted into the Rocket League closed beta on PS4, and his number of returning viewers continued to rise.

“I was doing really well on console, averaging 20 viewers and getting new followers, but making the switch to PC opened a whole new world with games and chat interaction options I didn’t have access to before.”

In July 2015, thanks to his community’s support, he built a high-powered PC and began focusing on games like H1Z1 and World of Warships, still while working full-time. In fact, it was winning World Of Warships’ 2015 Sail to TwitchCon challenge that allowed him to attend the first TwitchCon as invitee.

“I didn’t know that Twitch was as major as it was until I went to TwitchCon and met people that I still look up to to this day - that’s why I’m still here. Towelliee gave me advice on streaming, Ezekiel_III interviewed me for World of Warships and inspired me to start hosting, learning about CohhCarnage’s consistency led to my eventual 1000-day streak, and I started to admire Ellohime as leader in positivity. If it wasn’t already solidified I was going to pursue streaming before, it was after TwitchCon.”

From there, DeejayKnight worked to balance a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend (whose support and admiration he credits as a big part of his success), his full-time job, and at times, selling Plasma for extra cash to continue streaming. In 2016 alone, he managed to more than quadruple his follower count from just over 6,000 to almost 25,000.

“Some dreams you don’t know you want until you start on the path towards them. It wasn’t easy, but the time I got to spend building relationships with my community and making a positive impact was worth it.”

He continued streaming regularly and was partnered in April 2016. He continued working full-time until that following November, when he felt his content was stable enough to compete with his job and finally made the leap to being a full-time streamer.

“For me, Partnership was a sign of quality. At the time, everyone who was Partnered was killing it in terms of quality, overlays, production, and I wanted to be WORTHY of that accolade.”

Since then, he’s continued to grow on Twitch and has made a tradition of attending each and every TwitchCon, experiencing if from a new perspective each year.

“As long as I’m streaming on Twitch, I don’t feel like I can miss Twitchcon. Twitch has been such an important part of my life since I started streaming. I hold it too valuable not to show my support in person. There’s always something I’m going to learn or hints I’m going to get that I can use to better my stream.”

You can find DeejayKnight at TwitchCon, along with thousands of other creators, in San Jose this October. Get your tickets and meet him at the show!