If you had to describe yourself in one-sentence, what would it be?

Hi, I’m Pandorya and I like to play indie- and horror games, I like to fail there quite often and spectacularly because I’m lost - but fortunately my chat is as well, they won’t even notice that. Kappa.

What is one thing you hope viewers take away from watching your channel?

I hope that I can give my viewers a few hours of distraction from their everyday life. I am always happy when I see people laughing and having fun together in the chat :)

What is your community like? Do you have any inside jokes?

My community is a colorful mix of people who just want to escape the daily routine for a few hours. Together, we get scared, laugh and also share many emotional gaming moments. Since I love horror games and I know that some people (including me) are very jumpy, we have the insider “We play through it funny”. I try to take horror games seriously, but I also try to loosen it up so that people who are afraid can also watch these games.

Actually I don’t always succeed in doing so, which makes the whole thing even more fun for the audience, because they have to calm me down afterwards, hehe.

Is an interesting tidbit you think really describes your personality or your experience as a creator?

Once, when I had to go to the bathroom during the stream, I laughed so hard on the pot because of something that happened in the stream that I slipped off the toilet. But I never told that to anyone, because that’s actually quite embarrassing… :D

What’s your favorite thing about being a streamer?

I just love the direct interaction with the audience. I’m very fussy from time to time… and when I have an accident in a game and I see the laughs in the chat, it just makes me happy. We just have a good time together :). I often read things like “Thanks for distracting me today” and actually I have had the occasional day where the chat, without them knowing it, has distracted me as well. That is why I often say “This is mutual”. I am very grateful that I am allowed to do this :)

Which one of your emotes most describes your personality?