How would you describe the type of content you create?

Content of my channel is a mix of “Multigaming” and “Just Chatting” because I am a kind of video ludic rainbow. I like offering a different way of playing video games.

If you had to describe yourself in one-sentence, what would it be?

I am an ex video game developer who dedicated his life to his passion!

What is one thing you hope viewers take away from watching your channel?

I hope they relax, have fun, and share nice moments to forget their everyday life problems. Being positive and believing in themselves so they can follow their own path.

What is your community like? Do you have any inside jokes?

My community likes our “just chatting” moments since out of video games, they consider me as open minded. Much to my surprise, my viewers are very diverse: some are very young while some others are more than 60 years old! Some parents told me they are watching me live with their families and that means a lot to me! Gaming is multigenerational, and there is nothing better than that!

Is an interesting tidbit you think really describes your personality, or your experience as a creator?

When I created my channel more than 5 years ago, it was to promote the job of video game developer. I was the first french developer to live on the channel “game development”! Since then, my community has grown a lot and permits me to live from my passion.

What’s your favorite thing about being a streamer?

This job permits me to feel free and to share my passion for video games. And believe me, when you are 50 like me, it’s truly gold!

Which one of your emotes most describes your personality?

s1rWhat without a doubt, since it represents me well: an old bald with a bow tie playing video games, LOL!