How would you describe the type of content you create?

Variety, with the occasional long-winded binge on games that take control of my life for a brief period of time.  

If you had to describe yourself in one-sentence, what would it be?

I like to build and manage things from the comfort of my dad’s garage.

What is one thing you hope viewers take away from watching your channel? 

Just because I’m young and attractive doesn’t mean I’m bad at video games.

What is your community like? Do you have any inside jokes?

My community is the inside joke. And they are all masters at video games. And reading wikis

Is an interesting tidbit you think really describes your personality, or your experience as a creator?

The company that I set up to enable me to do this as a job shares the same name as a fake company I was the CEO of in a Minecraft playthrough.

What’s your favorite thing about being a streamer?

I like the pace and flexibility it brings to my life.

Which one of your emotes most describes your personality?