How would you describe the type of content you create?

I’m a variety streamer who plays any type of game, however, single player story games have to be my favorite!

If you had to describe yourself in one-sentence, what would it be?

I’m a weird small clumsy streamer, who enjoys being herself on stream.

What is one thing you hope viewers take away from watching your channel?

I would like it if viewers feel as if they have visited a bright place on the internet, where they also feel welcomed and maybe even learn something from my community.

What is your community like? Do you have any inside jokes?

My community is very open-minded and inviting to new people, however we do have some inside jokes about my age because I look a lot younger than I really am and about me being “wholesome” haha!

Is an interesting tidbit you think really describes your personality, or your experience as a creator?

I can be a very stubborn person. I think that shows in my streams as well, definitely when I can’t give up on beating a boss, which we might have been fighting for several hours!

What’s your favorite thing about being a streamer?

I love that I’m able to meet anyone from across the world and that I can have a good conversation or nice laugh with people that I possibly wouldn’t have met if I wasn’t a streamer.

Which one of your emotes most describes your personality?

I think, samoraHug because I always try to make everyone feel welcome, especially the newbies in the stream!