How would you describe the type of content you create?

We really play a lot, from indie and horror games to trash and selected top titles. But depending on what we play, we adapt to the action. This creates variety and underlines the game instead of drowning it out. I’m not good at anything, but I am good at not being good. I also learned that the chat is always right—afterwards. When I’ve successfully failed again… I really do not know why people still watch me KEKW

If you had to describe yourself in one-sentence, what would it be?

Hello, dear support group, my name is Gronkh and I’m enthusiastic about a lot of things: among other things I’ve been looking for and collecting games for 35 years now, and I’ve been accidentally playing them with other people for 10 years.

What is one thing you hope viewers take away from watching your channel?

Gifted Subs. LUL, but, no, seriously, I always hope that I can inspire emotions within my streams. Whether it’s laughing about common failures or strange games, good stories, dramatic moments or just sharing reflections from your own life. I want to distract people from the “hamster wheel” of everyday life, make people laugh or think together - and be a solid anchor point in times of a fast-paced life - or just someone who is “there”.

What is your community like? Do you have any inside jokes?

Since I’ve been doing “Let’s Plays” for 10 years and streaming for 7 years, many of the community has grown in the meantime. Students who watched the Minecraft Alpha back in the day are now adults and watch the streams with their kids. Everyday life has caught up with many of them, and many new viewers have joined - but to this day I don’t know of a friendlier community.

Of course, I only say this so that they don’t bother me with mean messages in my next stream. But it’s still true, even if I would never admit it. I am extremely proud and grateful, and in the meantime, we have represented everything from students to grandparents. I can’t count how many insiders there are now, but if I get to choose, it’s probably the regular flood of well-deserved, loving hatred at Unboxings - from collector’s editions to statues. And the “Kackebaby”. And “Muschiklaus”. And “Schrodinger’s Chat”. They’re always right. And they’re not. But then they are. And then everyone knew it before…

Is there an interesting tidbit you think really describes your personality or your experience as a creator?

We sometimes surprise other, smaller streamers during the stream. One day we visited the “Marmeladenoma” with about 20.000 people, a lovely old lady who reads fairy tales in her streams. In just a few minutes we blew up her Donation Goal for a little trip, and a short time later the story was picked up by numerous newspapers, and the dear old lady even won the “German Web Video Award”. I’m still happy about that today, and these are stories that are only possible with streams. Two streams came together and simply things happened that were wonderful for everyone involved.

What’s your favorite thing about being a streamer?

To experience everything together. No matter if you’re introverted or extroverted, no matter what skin color, no matter what origin or religion, no matter what sexuality or preference - all these things just don’t matter anymore. People come together and people share something. Just as it should be. Together we can escape into foreign worlds for a while, forget our own everyday life and let reality rest for a while. We can just talk, we can experience games, we can spontaneously give pleasure to strangers, completely randomly bring a great Kickstarter project to its goal, and so much more.

Together with some other streamers, we started a huge charity project with “Friendly Fire” out of a crazy idea - and all these things only happen thanks to streams and thanks to the viewers who make it possible for us. I was allowed to turn my lifelong hobby into a profession that offers me so much more than I ever thought possible. It is simply an honor and a privilege that I would not want to miss in my life.

Which one of your emotes most describes your personality?