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November 2016


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describes them

How would you describe the type of content you create?

I create handcrafted organic content by using live visual and sound effect edits controlled through a numpad. My setup involves 16 screens and 12 webcams to exploit the power of the green screen- all to bring my imagination to stream.

If you had to describe yourself in one sentence, what would it be?

I fully believe I was reincarnated from an anime character.

What is one thing you hope viewers take away from watching your channel?

I purposely created my stream, everything from my layout, to visuals effects, to sound effects to replicate the sensations I have during a stream to the audience. What I feel, you feel. The live edits help create the experience as immersive as possible.

What is your community like? Do you have any inside jokes?

The dragon community embodies both fantasy and reality, enjoying the highs in life and losing ourselves through music and blobDance spam while understanding the reality when the play button stops, enjoying everything for what is it and what it can be. Like the mythical stories of dragons today… rawr.

What is an interesting tidbit you think really describes your personality, or your experience as a creator?

I used to think of myself as a failed Youtuber, but now I see it as a training arc leading up to finding my final form and my true strengths through Twitch and live performances.

What is your favorite thing about being a streamer?

My favorite aspect of live streaming is how raw the content is, as with life. You can't edit the bad parts, so you either have to grow and improve or… not. The choice is yours but the skills you gain from understanding yourself through handling live situations, live interactions, and live experiences is honestly priceless to me.